Downtown Line Art Competition 2012

Station: Singapore Expo
Title: A Banquet
Year: 2012

Singapore Expo brings together the traders from all over the world to showcase their products and to demonstrate their innovative ideas. ‘A Banquet’ illustrates these 21st century contemporary events with symbolical icons and contemporary material such as stainless-steel. It manifests ‘Free-Trade Spirit’ through a free-floating ‘Cloud’ over the table of negotiation. The isometric table and chairs are arranged in a classical manner to signify the necessity of “game rules” in any business. In essence, “A Banquet” attempts to articulate the importance of organic communication in an era of technological advancement and digital media.

Downtown Line Art Competition 2012

lta 2012

Recess 3-D ‘Embedded’ Pattern

The ‘Isometric Model’ is a deceptive illusion. The sunken table and chairs will appear as 3-demensional and protruding.

The high-polished stainless steel ‘table’ would become a magnificent ‘kaleidoscope’ that would cast and reflect the images of the passing-by passengers between each individual piece of stainless steel. Ever-changing and moving visual patterns would also appear on both the table and the chairs. The images in motion will form the ‘dishes’ on the ‘illusive table’ to conjure the picture of a “contemporary banquet”.