The Green Pledge 2010, Youth Olympic Park

• A spherical/cylinder tree trunk-like sculptural installation, made up of 205 pieces of cut-up ceramic slats

• 205 - symbolizes the participation of 205 countries in the games

• Clay
–Natural material, a metaphor of Earth.
–Malleable substance allows participants to make spontaneous imprints
–Become durable ceramic pieces through firing
• Encourage participants to get intimate with the Earth
- bringing human body and living environment together again for the estranged urban beings, “Take off your shoes, bare your foot, and feel the Earth (clay) beneath you – once again!” .

• Kiln Firing at the local, historical/Cultural site Dragon Kiln at Jalan Bahar Clay Studio.

• The time span and process involved to make the outdoor sculpture installation symbolizes a lasting environmental pledge by people from all walks of life.

• Participants who contributed in the making of the installation could return from time to time to “visit” the personal marks they have left on the ceramic slats.