‘The Rain, A Fallen Tree, and My Banquet in A Stormy Night’
UBE Biennale, Japan 2013

Sculpture Title: ‘The Rain, A Fallen Tree, and My Banquet in A Stormy Night’’
Venue: UBE Biennale, Japan
Time: June 2013

My sculpture evokes an “overlapped” and interchangeable phenomenon between Light and Shadow, between Mass and Space, and between Silhouette and Form through a romantic incidence. The mirror-finished ‘Isometric Table’ provokes a visual illusion of an illuminated 3-dimensional ‘table’ that is both protruding out and recessing in, and is embraced by the darkness of a stormy night in a ‘house’. The images of the passing-by visitors will be cast on the ‘table’ and form the pattern in motion to suggest ‘dishes’ on the table of a banquet in a stormy night. Through the unsettling condition of these visual elements and the composed imaginative narration, this allusive presentation hopes to engage the visitors’ mind and challenge their pre-dominated everyday experiences.