Sculpture by The Sea 2013, Aarhus, Denmark
1st -30th June, 2013

The Dream Lady Series – Series #02, ‘A Yoga And Pedicure DIY Session On The Beach’
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Artist Statement:
“The Dream Lady Series” is a female figure formed by the myriad and fleeting bubbles. Under the reflection of the sleek stainless steel, what we see is fantasized sophistication while underneath the pink fresh lies real obesity.

In transforming the obese figure to a transcendental, beautiful body, I explore human being’s primal desire within the absurd world of delusion. It is all about contemporary “human nature”. Artwork Introduction by Curatorial Team of Sculpture by The Sea 2013:

Yeo Chee Kiong takes interest in our absurd longing for beauty. He transforms materials and motives, stainless steel and the female body, in such a way that they both appear hyber artificial. With these sculptures, the artist explores the hunt for perfection in the shape of some highly advanced yoga positions on the beach.