Winter Orchid/ CapitaSpring/ Singapore

Eagle (Public Sculpture) / Aetos Complex, Singapore

One Cubic Jurong / Arts in your Neighbourhood: Larger than Life / Jurong East Central, National Arts Council

Tempted Mind (Public Sculpture / Art in The Forest, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, Hanoi, Vietnam

A Banquet (Public Sculpture), Expo Station, Downtown Line 3, Singapore

Hugo (Public Sculpture) / Suide, China

Shopping (Public Sculpture) / Oakwood Studio, Singapore

Ballet (Public Sculpture) / Oakwood Studio, Singapore

‘In The Eye of Red Dot’, SG50 Commemorative Public Sculpture, National Museum of Singapore

‘Another Way To Perceive The Rain Of Forest’, Stone Sculpture, JTC Green Core, Stream Ravine Forest, Cleantech Park, Singapore

‘The Flood, Her Rain, and My Table’, Wooden Sculpture, Nparks.

‘Awakened Sleeper’, Hong Kong International Sculpture Symposium 2012, Quarry Bay Park, Hong Kong, 4 - 18 Dec. Sculpture ‘Northern Star’ became part of the collection of MTR Corporation Limited, Hong Kong

The Wind & Wings, Legacy Sculpture for Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Village, Nanyang Technological University. Singapore President, Mr S R Nathan unveiled the sculpture on 3 August 2010. The stainless-steel maquette, ‘The Wind’, has been presented to Mr President and collected by Istana, Singapore.

The Wind, Her Rain, and A Cloud meets A Tree in the Monsoon Season, public sculpture, City Square Mall, Singapore

Endless Night is made up of a 4.5m tall sculpture, Dreamer which was hung from the ceiling, with a 12m long trough of black ink, Night, and a 2 cubic meter dream object. A water droplet is released every few seconds onto the water surface, creating ripples, accompanied by a sound recording of water dripping from a tap at night. Collected by SOTA, School of The Art, Singapore

A Casual Meeting, Public sculpture, Urumqi Nanhu Citizen Plaza, Urumqi, China

Three Trees, a commissioned bronze sculpture at APEC Naru Park, Busan, Korea

St. Magdalene of Canossa, St. Anthony's Canossian Secondary School, Singapore

A Blossom Season - Three Trees, APEC Naru Park, Busan, Korea.

Rain Armour, City of Assen, Holland

心动, 风动, 树也动/Tempted Mind, Wind Flow, Tree Shake, Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum, Taiwan.

One Cubic Taiwan, Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan.

Lieutenant Adnan, bronze, NHBoard, WWII Interpretative Centre, Singapore

The Guardian, bronze, GUARDS, Dipper Camp, Sembawang, Singapore

Siesta in Bali by Liu Kang Gold Plated Relief, Risis Pte Ltd, Singapore

'The Frog-Man Statue, Singapore Navel Diving Unit

The Falcon Sculpture for the Sultan of Kuwait

St Monfort Statue, St Monfort Secondary School, Singapore